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Pre-Professional Competencies

Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students
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Academic Learning Center

Equitable academic support, access to academic programs, and enhanced learning opportunities for students.
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Exam Prep

Resources for pre-admission exams
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Attestation to your suitability for your chosen health profession

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Student Access Center

The Student Access Center (SAC) assists students with disabilities by facilitating accommodations that remove barriers to their academic success
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Study Abroad

Study abroad options that allow you to gain healthcare experience
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Undergraduate Research

Not sure how to get started? The Center for Undergraduate Research can help!
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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is an important part of the health profession preparation process whether it's healthcare-related or not

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Personal Statement Prep

Professional documents that help give admissions committees a clear picture of who you are as a candidate
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Interview Prep

Preparing for health profession program Interviews
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Alternative Plans

Plans for a gap year or alternative plans