Clinical Laboratory Science

Clinical Laboratory Sciences is for those with an interest in performing diagnostic testing on blood, bodily fluids, and other human specimens.

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Clinical Lab Sciences at a Glance

Laboratory science professionals play a vital role in the diagnosis, treatment, management, and prevention of disease. These professionals act as healthcare detectives behind the scenes, using both state-of-the-art biomedical instrumentation and manual methods to provide laboratory results to clinicians. Many medical decisions are based on laboratory results generated by laboratory professionals.

Core 34 Pre-Admission Coursework: Check Sheet (PDF), Accessible Check Sheet (PDF)

Core Pre-Admission Coursework: Check Sheet (PDF), Accessible Check Sheet (PDF)

References: Typically, programs require three letters and at least some of them must be from science instructors or science-based supervisors or lab-based research supervisors 

Shadowing Experience or Introductory Course: KU students must demonstrate knowledge of the profession through one of the following (this is common to other programs, as well)- 

  • Successfully completing CLS 210/BIOL 210 (Intro to CLS) or 

  • Have documented, recent experience working in a clinical laboratory as a laboratory assistant/similar position or 

  • Visit a hospital laboratory and spend time observing specimen processing, workflow, phlebotomy and other laboratory procedures. Two hours minimum is suggested to cover as many aspects of the laboratory as possible.  

Healthcare Experience: Recommended, but patient contact is not required. 

Community Service/Leadership Experience: Recommended 

Research Experience: Not required, it but may fulfill the shadowing experience above 

Pre-Admission Standardized Tests: None 

Student Organizations: International Pre-Health Sciences Organization, Delta Epsilon Mu (co-ed healthcare fraternity), University of Kansas Women in Medicine, Future Leaders in Healthcare 


Application Deadline: December 15 – typically, students apply during fall of sophomore year 

Resume Required: No 

Centralized Application Service: No 

Early Decision Option: No 

Interview Required: Yes 

Rolling Admissions: No