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Pre-Health at KU

The pre-health experience at KU is a collaboration between the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the University Career Center, and Jayhawk Academic Advising. We also work closely with the KU Office of Admissions and the University of Kansas Medical Center.

We seek to give prospective and current KU students all the resources and information you need to succeed as a pre-health professional. We hope to provide guidance through the student life cycle of KU undergraduate admission, major declaration, and professional development, up until admission into the professional health program of your choice. 

Jayhawk Academic Advising 

What we do: Pre-health academic advisors are here to help you navigate academics when seeking admission to a health professions program. Our advisors will: 

  • Advise you on course requirements and selection 

  • Connect you to academic resources on campus 

  • Help with long-term planning, including when to take entry exams, when to complete shadowing/volunteering, and how to build relationships with faculty members 

Contact Information:  

Jayhawk Academic Advising

Summerfield 315 


University Career Center 

What we do: The University Career Center's career coaches are ready to assist you with as you continue on a pre-health path or explore other careers. Our career coaches will: 

  • Share with you the variety of career pathways available to you based on your interests 

  • Answer your questions about the application process 

  • Recommend experiential learning opportunities that align with your professional interests and requirements for professional programs 

  • Brainstorm ideas for your personal statement 

  • Conduct a simulated interview with you using targeted questions for pre-health professions 

We encourage you to meet with a Career Coach during your first or second year at KU. We can provide resources, opportunities, and guidance that will help you achieve your career goals. 

Note: If you are majoring in JournalismBusiness, or Engineering, your professional school also has a career center ready to assist you!